Being Bruce -: North Brunswick Cape Fear Pride Week 2 - in Leland!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

North Brunswick Cape Fear Pride Week 2 - in Leland!

January is North Brunswick Month for WWAYTV3's Cape Fear Pride programming series. The first Friday in January WWAY did the evening news from Northwest, and Friday January 16th they started outside at the Leland Town Hall and then because it was pretty chilly (as you can see from the North Brunswick High School cheerleaders below who were working hard to stay warm), the show moved inside.

WWAYTV3 Reporter Margo Gray and Evening News Anchor conferred before proceeding with interviews.

Steve interviewed North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rhonda Norris as many NBCC members and others looked on.

I didn't get all the names in the rest of the photos, but in the photo below Brenda Boseman, Charlie Rivenbark, and Dana Fischer smiled big time for the camera. Charlie was actually signing but I didn't have a mike.

This was one part of the crowd,

Here's another shot with NBM Magazine's Justin Williams fooling with his camera, Brian Matzke of Logos Direct listening intently as the oft-photographed George Murray of Murray Art & Frame and Tony Vlach of Nationwide Insurance chatted.

This coming Friday the scene moves to Accent on Framing in the Cross Creek Plaza for week 3 of the Cape Fear Pride series.