Being Bruce -: No photos in THIS post - but lookout!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No photos in THIS post - but lookout!

Shortly, I hope later today, I'm going to post a blog entry (or is it "enter a blog post"?) about last Saturday's North Brunswick Business Expo. Heads up, it will be long, and it will have a gazillion photos (well, actually 76, but that's still a lot). When you see it, if you don't want to read it . . . don't.

I asked folks on Twitter (follow me there if you'd like, at about blog posting etiguette and guidelines, asking specifically if there was a reasonable limit to the number of photos to put in one post. Most folks wrote back that 1 or 2 was the limit and one pretty knowledgeable guy also suggested I remember the 400-700 word rule - which I'd never heard of. One very successful blogger wrote "It's YOUR blog, do what you want." When I wrote back I was talking about 76 photos she suggested I try and use captions.

Well, I spent a few hours on (mostly spent away from the computer while it uploaded the photos) and then tried writing some captions.

Nope, doesn't happen. Whatever voice I have doesn't come through in that format.

So, gentle Blog readers, when I put up a post about the NBCC Business Expo - please feel free to bypass. Also feel free to comment.