Being Bruce -: Leland and North Brunswick's 3rd Week on WWAY Cape Fear Pride

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leland and North Brunswick's 3rd Week on WWAY Cape Fear Pride

What were Rhonda Norris, Executive Director of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce and husband Greg Norris of Entergy, Inc. doing last evening? As you can see below (Rhonda's the blond, shorter one and Greg's the guy with the glasses and big smile), they were at a Business After Hours.

Last evening was week 3 of WWAYTV3's Cape Fear Pride series focusing on Leland, Belville, and the North Brunswick area of Brunswick County in southeastern North Carolina. The crowds at the Friday evening Business After Hours in conjunction with WWAY's on-location evening news get larger each week. The Business After Hours are sponsored by the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce and this one was held at Mary Ann Sauer's Accent on Framing frame shop.

The assembled crowd at these events usually includes plenty of familiar faces as well as new folks who live in, do business in, or are just plain interested in what's going on in the booming Leland area. Below are Mark Kovall of Communities in Schools, developer and NBCC Board Member Jeff Harvell, photographer, bit-part actor, and BMW racer Greg Darrow (what a guy!), and Leland Mayor Walter Futch.

Steve Pagley, the tall guy in the middle with the cool L.A. hat on (it stands for Land of Abundance), is the owner of Antonio's Pizza and Pasta Restaurants and catered the event.

Frank Bullard, the guy on the left in the shot below, is the proprietor of Bugsy's Cigars.

George Allen, WWAY Media Consultant on the left, provides a nice frame for Fat City Cards' Marge Brown and Conspeco's Marilyn Darrow.

In the photo below WWAY Evening Anchor Ann McAdams (back to my camera), Reporter Margo Gray prepare for a news segment while the ubiquitous George Allen looks on.

Eula Dyer of Necessary Marketing is in the foreground talking with George as the team continues to prepare.

Steve Pagely poses with event hostess and frame shop and gallery owner Mary Ann Sauer

Below are George Patterson of Mulch & More (looking left), Bernadette Hayes of N2 Publishing, and Justin Williams of NBM Magazine.

A whole buncha folks.

Another bunch

So it was yet another successful Business After Hours for NBCC and a great 3rd week segment for WWAY's Cape Fear Pride series. Next week wraps it up with a Business After Hours at the Belville Town Hall (or near it anyway) on Olde Waterford Way in front of Waterford.