Being Bruce -: Test Your Strange Food Facts IQ

Monday, November 25, 2013

Test Your Strange Food Facts IQ

  1. CeleryWhat vegetable burns more calories than it contains?
    Celery has about 6 calories per stalk. But your body burns more calories than that in the digestion process. It's not actually the chewing and crunching, but the digestion of the high amount of cellulose in your stomach that burns the calories.
  2. Poppy Seeds on BagelWhat common bagel topping can show up as an opiate in drug tests?
    Poppy seeds are related closely enough to opium poppies that they can show up in a urine test as an opiate like heroin or morphine. The level is generally considered too low to be considered a "true positive" and most drug testing companies discount these results. However, just to be on the safe side, the federal prison system has banned its inmates from eating poppy seeds. And in case you were wondering, you could pretty much eat your weight in poppy seeds and not get high.
  3. Vanilla Ice CreamWhich U.S. state eats more ice cream per capita than any other?
    Despite living in one of the coldest states in the Union, Alaskans eat twice as much ice cream as any other state.
  4. What are the food additives cochineal and carminic acid made from?
    These scientific terms found in the ingredient lists of many foods, beverages, and cosmetics are fancy names for a red food coloring developed by the Aztecs, made of dried powdered beetles native to Central and South America. While their origins may be less than appetizing, they are perfectly safe to eat.
  5. Cans of Spam What do the letters in the canned meat product SPAM stand for?
    Salted Porky Anonymous Meat? Guess again. Originally it stood for SP iced h AM , named in a contest, where the winner was awarded the princely sum of $100. The people at Hormel Foods say that while it does include ham and spices, it doesn't begin to describe the product that is SPAM, and now maintain that SPAM stands merely for SPAM.

    - Joe Wilkes, Team Beachbody Newsletter