Being Bruce -: Being Bruce Daily Kick Start 2-26-11

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Bruce Daily Kick Start 2-26-11

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"I woke up feeling joyful and loved today. I'm not going to over-think it, I'll just enjoy it and be grateful." - Being Bruce

Today's activity so far :

Day 37 - 168.0 pounds, 21% body fat, bp 117/78, resting pulse 67
Exercise: 30 minute walkt
- Several cups of black coffee
- 2 oz CranRaspberry juice with vitamins and supplements
- lots of water
- breakfast - 1 cup of  Quinoa with EVO
- lunch - Shakeology chocolate with Almond soy milk, blueberries, and blackberries
- dinner - ??
Comment: How crazy would it be if I called this the bacon and eggs and pizza plus Shakeology maintenance diet? Cuz yesterday I had 3 slices of turkey bacon and three scrambled eggs with cheese  and onions plus apple slices and quinoa with olive oil for breakfast and a whole lot (I felt stuffed) of Hawaiian pizza (with Canadian bacon, pineapple, and loads of mozzerella cheese) for dinner plus Shakeology for lunch and I not only didn't gain any weight I dropped 1 body fat on the scale this morning! Probably wouldn't be responsible to call it that and it was only one day and all, but wow, I thought I'd be up a pound or so. I just have to give Shakeology props for keeping me on my progress chart, and largely because of, not only the  unmatched core nutritional value, but also because I don't crave snacks or sweets between or  after meals, and for me that's a huge difference!

Overall Progress so far:

Bruce's Progress Chart 1/20/2011 2/26/2011 4/20/2011
Start Today 90-Day Goal % of Goal
Weight (lbs) 181.5 168.0 150 42.9%
Body fat % 25 21 18 57.1%
BMI (Body Mass Index) 27.6 25.5 23 44.7%

My diet is based on Beachbody's Shakeology:

Please note: I am an independent distributor with Beachbody and I benefit if people buy Shakeology. I make a big deal about it because I think it's fabulous and nothing else on the market compares, so that's why I brought it into our business.