Being Bruce -: We have a ball sending custom cards - Week 1

Monday, November 1, 2010

We have a ball sending custom cards - Week 1

As many know, Marge and I utilize custom printed greeting cards as one of our primary ways to keep in touch with people. We love to take photos of folks and put those pictures in cards that we later send as thank you's or notes of appreciation.

Below are the fronts and insides of three of the dozen or so cards we sent this past week (each card took only about a minute to design):

After Justin and Kristy William's 5th anniversary party for NBM magazine:

This is the card front with Justin and Kristy:

This is the inside of the card - note that we used my handwriting and both of our signatures:

After Dr. Sheila Hanby's Capeside Animal Hospital Business After Hours for the North Brunswick Chamber of  Commerce:

The card front - note the human rabies (vodka) shots on Sheila's tray:
And the inside of the card - check out how many photos we were able to include:
After I met with Shannon Carlson, Career Services Coordinator for Miller-Motte College:
Here's the card front:

And inside the card - I had an older, silly shot off myself that I included, just for fun:
It's fun to use custom greeting cards for business (as well as for personal use). All you do is create them on your computer and then hit send and the company prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails them. And, to top that off, each of these cards costs only .93 (plus .44 in postage with a real, first class stamp on the envelope).

A great deal.

If you're looking for an effective, easy, low cost, and very personal way to keep in touch with your clients, contacts, or referral sources, using cards like this can be highly cost effective.

We invite you to send a card on us, absolutely free, to see what it's like. Just go to our web site and click on 'send a free card'.