Being Bruce -: Some fun cards we've sent recently - Week 3

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some fun cards we've sent recently - Week 3

More and more, Marge and I utilize custom printed greeting cards we create with SendOutCards to send heartfelt messages to people.

We love to take photos of folks and put those pictures in cards that we later send as thank you's or notes of appreciation.

Here are the fronts and insides of some of the cards we sent recently.

Here's the front of a birthday card to our granddaughter:
A card we sent to Joe Gaugham or WECT and Mike Triggiano of Mail Express in Leland:

A card I sent to Tom Hemphill, Director of the Brunswick Community College Small Business Center:

A card I sent to Jerry Helms, Manager of Brunswick Forest  Realty, the front of which was a photo of the community entrance as it looked four years ago:

And a similar card to a neighbor of the street where he now lives:

Here's the front of a card I sent to Jon and Amy David with their son:

And this last one, a 90th birthday card to Marge's Uncle Morgan, with the card front and inside three panels:

If you're looking for an effective, easy, low cost, and very personal way to keep in touch with friends, family, contacts, clients, and referral sources, using cards like this can be highly cost effective. And they sure are fun to create and send.

We invite you to send a card on us, absolutely free, to see what it's like.

Just go to our web site and click on 'send a free card'.

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