Being Bruce -: How To Get The Job You Want - Guerilla Style for Extraordinary Life Seekers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How To Get The Job You Want - Guerilla Style for Extraordinary Life Seekers

Two friends, let's call them 'Angela' and 'Sarah', recently inquired about how to find a job. One asked about any job, the other asked about unadvertised jobs.

For serious job searchers (which as someone who has been self-employed since 1982 I find slightly oxymoronic), here is my best answer for anyone who wants to live an extraordinary life but also wants a J.O.B.

OK, Sarah and Angela, so if you want to "go guerilla" about this job search thing, here's what you do, seriously.

1. Decide exactly where you want to work and who you want to work for. Pick just one - and in the picking be sure that they can somehow find the resources to hire you. (This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.)

2. Do the research to discover their (#1's) greatest challenge, problem, or opportunity.

3. Find out, figure out, conjure, or create an amazing solution for #2 above.

4. Spend the time to check, crosscheck, and develop #3

5. Determine who is the major decision maker in the company.

6. Determine the most effective way to communicate with #5.

7. Put #6 into action with #5 (or, stated more simply(?) use the most effective way (#6) to let the major decision maker (#5)  know that you have a plan (#3) to provide an amazing solution/opportunity (#2) for the company (#1) and that YOU are the absolute best person to
  • A. carry out the plan (#3) or 
  • B. get paid for coming up with the plan (#3) and get hired to provide other solutions (#3's) for other challenges, problems, or opportunities (#2's).

Major point - your #3 above must be unique and original, not a generic solution that just anyone can do the first time. It needn't be rocket science or a work of art, but something that will make the major decision maker (#5) say, "Wow, I should have thought of that! That's perfect!"

Simple right?

And if it doesn't work - as in you don't get the job/assignment, you missed either on your research of #1 or your #3 requires some tweaking. Do the research or tweaking and then go find their #1's biggest competitor and go see them.

Repeat till successful, with 3-5 companies.

(And if the above doesn't work, write an article for their trade publication explaining the missed opportunity - without naming names if you still want a job, but do name names (with full documentation in hand) if you want to work as a consultant)).

At this point, if you still think you want a job and haven't been offered one, start again, doing a better job with step #1.

With love and respect,


Copyright, Bruce Brown, Quantum Results Coaching,  2010