Being Bruce -: Chris' Cosmic Kitchen

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chris' Cosmic Kitchen

When Marge and I met Kristin and Chris Lubben at a Wilmington Tweetup in May we had already heard of their popular restaurant on Eastwood Road in Wilmington. This morning we finally went for breakfast.

Located in a strip mall on the way to Wrightsville Beach,

Chris' Cosmic Kitchen presents excellent food in a slightly retro-funk atmosphere with plenty of artwork.

Not everyone will get to see the item below -- it's a coat hook in the men's room.

Marge and Chris Lubben

This three-dimensional piece overlooked our table.

We both had omelets (Marge had a Greek omelet and I had a Tex-Mex omelet) that were so good we ate 'em before I remembered I wanted to take a photo (that happens a lot). So ... here's a shot of the knock-you-on-your-knees Cheesecake Kristin and Chris brought to the Tweetup.