Being Bruce -: Bed & Breakfast on the Cape Fear River

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bed & Breakfast on the Cape Fear River

Where's Marge in the photo below? She's on the top deck of a 45' 1966 Columbia yacht docked at the Riverwalk in Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. The ship's name is the Sea Star and you can learn a whole lot more about her, her owners Thurman and Ayres Burgess, and the cruising, dining, and bed & breadfast services and experiences to be had at

To get to the Sea Star, proceed down the Riverwalk from Market Street along this wooden path.

Just before you get to the docking space of the Henrietta III, you'll notice a gate with a walkway down to a floating dock.

From the walkway you can see the Sea Star.

Here's Marge going through the gate down to the dock (in the background you can see the Henrietta III and the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge).

Once we boarded we spent some pleasant time talking with Ayres and Thurman.

There are several dining areas on board, this is the aft area, ready for an informal meal. Tables can also be set forward.

The full-service galley below decks is where the meals are prepared.

This is the main stateroom - there are two other staterooms and two heads.

Here's the main salon, just forward of the galley.

The huge sundeck is probably where I'd spend most of my time, with a book or chatting with passersby on the Riverwalk.

Here's the foredeck where additional dining can take place.

Here's a view of the Henrietta III from the Sea Star's starboard side.

And here is Ayres' welcoming message.

And Thurman's parting message.