Being Bruce -: Essential Tools of a Happy Real Estate Agent

Friday, June 12, 2009

Essential Tools of a Happy Real Estate Agent

A quick shout out to my friends at Logos Direct, a Wilmington-based promotional products company that has good stuff, competitive prices, great service, and off-the-grid-awesome people.

Oh, yeah, they did give me the coffee cup and coaster, but that was a while ago and I just noticed them on my desk and thought I'd shoot a photo and do a blog post. I like to use my blog posts to promote people, services, products, and places I admire, use, appreciate, enjoy . . . you get the picture. Hey, I wouldn't sell out for a coffee cup and coaster . . . my price is waay higher than that!

But if you need promotional products for your business, pretty much anywhere on the planet (this one), give them a call at 910.398.6200 or go to their web site Ask for Katie, Bryan, Brooke, or John. (Oh, and maybe tell 'em I need a clean coffee cup . . . just kidding!)