Being Bruce -: Take It to the River!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take It to the River!!

Saturday evening Marge and I went on a Cape Fear River dinner cruise on the Henrietta III, a riverboat that docks at the downtown Wilmington Riverwalk.

We sorta took the night off (imagine that!) so there aren't a lot of photos, but we did have a good time. The cruise, which lasts about 3 hours, first goes north up the Cape Fear River and then turns south, going down just past the Wilmington Port. We couldn't resist taking a few shots of one small part of the impressive port operation as we cruised by.

We also asked a fellow passenger to take this obligatory record shot, hoping the downtown scene (which by then was pretty lively) would show up, but the exposure is too dark. But we had fun on the cruise and recommend it (or a similar boat ride) for anyone who wants to get a sense of Downtown Wilmington's location between pretty much quiet, undeveloped river property and the active shipping port.