Being Bruce -: Wilmington Bloggers Looking for a New Name

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wilmington Bloggers Looking for a New Name

Is blogging passe', surpassed by Twitter and other microblogging apps, or what's going on?

What utilities do you use to aggregate your uploads?

Do you or do you not follow celebrities on Twitter and who follows back?

How is the Star News continuing to evolve to utilitize social media in news generation?

Why won't the waitperson who resembles the Twitter world's first million follower Tweeter let us take his photo?

Is it really a good idea to scan high school photos and upload them on Facebook - what are the possible ramifications?

How do family members use social media together?

What happens when you intentionally send out a provocative or challenging Tweet?

Who is the area's (state's? nation's?) first social media reporter and why couldn't she make our meeting?

What should we call our group since we spend so little time talking about blogging and what were the possible names we rejected because of too-obvious innuendo (for example, we will not be calling ourselves the SM Club)? If you have more than one innuendo is it "innuenda" or "innuendi"?

These questions and more were addressed in Saturday's meeting of what's still called Wilmington Bloggers. Our group was smallish this month but accordingly the depth of content was, well, deep, especially involving power tools and methods for blogging, Twitter, and Facebook.

Those in attendance were (from left to right in the photo below, taken BTW by Reggie Shropshire's ever-patient daughter who just got all A's on her report card): Jim Ware of the Star News, Reggie Shropshire of Action Coach, David Morrison of the Star News, Bruce Brown of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, Kirsty Piper of Talk, Inc., and Judy Royal of the Star News.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, May 16th at 10AM. We're going to have a contest that will be announced separately for re-naming our group with prizes and all kinds o' good stuff. We look forward to seeing you.