Being Bruce -: George Murray's Birthday Party Blowout - April 10th

Saturday, April 11, 2009

George Murray's Birthday Party Blowout - April 10th

Most of his friends and family know that George Murray hates birthdays. But obviously they could care less about that because they got together for a huge surprise birthday party for George Friday evening. George's gracious and gorgeous wife Phyllis most of the work, though some of the same family and friends pitched in, too, according to Phyllis

So starting around 6PM Friday about 80 to 100 people began to gather at Murray Art & Frame in the Olde Waterford Shoppes area (sure is convenient for the party-thrower and the party-goers with a natural party place so handy). Folks started laughing and talking and drinking in the front of the shop waiting for George to show up at the back door. By the time he arrived, around 6:50PM, most folks had gotten a good start on their laughing so we were all in a good mood when he walked in. As you can see pretty clearly in the next few photos, he was surprised. And looked pleased.

People had already started in on the food table before George arrived, but after he got there the lights came up and we all got to work on the shrimp, wraps, dips, chips, and most of all the fabulous cupcakes.
[Note - I have no clue who most of the folks were at the party and I was annoying enough jumping around with my camera so I didn't whip out a notebook and take down names. I'll mention a few names going through these images, but mostly it was about George and his family, so I'll mention them right now. His two granddaughters Jordan and Chandler were there and they were a major focus for George as he got to share his birthday and all the fun with them and his friends. How cool is it for grandkids to see how beloved their granddad is?]

I can't comment on the photo below any further without getting in trouble. If you really want to know, ask Jeff Harvell.

Brenda Bozeman brought George an Old-Timers hat with a bunch of silly buttons and saying on it. It was a hit and good-natured George wore it for the rest of the party.

Phyllis thought it was pretty funny, too.

The always hard-working Katie helped tend bar. There's a better shot of her later on.

Check out the table - and this was about halfway through the party. They just kept re-filling it all night.

George's son and son-in-law.

No comment necessary.

Phyllis gets major props for pulling off this party.

It's pretty cool to have parties at Murray Art & Frame, with all the artwork hanging on the wall. Sometimes I wonder if George and Phyllis went into this business solely to have a facility that would work for parties.

So here's Katie. According to what most of us can tell, she does much of the heavy lifting at Murray Art & Frame. George plays golf and Phyllis plans the parties.
More granddaughter shots. And George's daughter, too.

George checking out a video one of his granddaughters made of some of the artwork in the gallery.

Meanwhile, out front, people kept eating, drinking, and laughing.

There's Katie, finally getting a cupcake. She wasn't thrilled that I took this shot.

And then again, neither was Tony Vlach about this one. But they're both good sports.

So we had a great time. Happy Birthday, George! And many many more!

[Oh, and did I mention he's 60!]