Being Bruce -: Leland New Home Community Tours and Events at Compass Pointe and Brunswick Forest

Friday, April 17, 2009

Leland New Home Community Tours and Events at Compass Pointe and Brunswick Forest

My good friend and HDTV expert Alfred Poor follows my blog and has exclaimed more than once that it seems I spend a lot of time eating for free at Realtor events. And of course he's right (he generally is) but as a working member of the technology press for nigh on to 30 years (he started young), Alfred works his own way well around a promotional luncheon, I know for a fact.

This week I laid kinda low on the meal circuit, but Thursday and Friday made up for it at events involving Compass Pointe and Brunswick Forest, two of Leland's newest new home communities and, once they get built out, the two largest.

On Thursday we went to the newly-opened sales center at Compass Pointe. As you can see the roads are now paved going into the community. The flora in the neighborhood mixes pines and palm trees.

You do have to pass a security gate to get in, but once you do, the Discovery Center is the first building on the right. You can go in on your own, but if you do and it's as a result of this blog, please mention my name. Otherwise I'd be honored to give you a personal tour of Compass Pointe and other Leland and Wilmington area communities.

Directly across the street from the sales center there are homes being built, some of which are models (with generous lease back deals for investors) and others for immediate occupancy.

When we arrived on Thursday this truck was also delivering golf carts for a huge promotion they're having this weekend.

The building below is the sales center, with a parking lot on the right.

We met with Angela Batchelor, Compass Pointe's excellent REALTOR relations coordinator.

Before we scurried back to get our lunch (yeah, Alfred, you're right) we stopped to look at the large scale topographical table map of the community.

When we met in a conference room a community map on the wall came in handy.

In the main room is a list of recent sales. It looks during March most of the sales came from people from CT, NY, NJ, PA, and NC with a few others. Overall approximately 45 homes are under contract in this brand new community. Eventually the total will be close to 4,000!

Later Thursday afternoon I went to downtown Wilmington for a REALTOR event at the new Brunswick Forest sales office located on Market Street. This sales office is right next door to the Wilmington office for Compass Pointe - maybe they'll rename that block Leland Street.

Inside the Brunswick Forest downtown sales office window you'll see a neat 3-wheeled bicycle. According to the sales folk during Easter weekend they could have sold that bicycle many times over.

Inside the new office were a passle of Brunwick Forest sales agents and staff as well as some pretty fine food.

And that was Thursday.
Friday morning bright and early (10AM!) a group of REALTORS met at the Brunswick Forest Wellness Center for an introduction to three new communities within Brunswick Forest. We boarded a Wilmington Trolley Company trolley car for the tour.

The first neighborhood we visited was Belshaw, with four new models, each an updated version of popular home models Premier Builders has developed based on buyer experience and preferences.

We also toured a new townhome community called Ashwood with two furnished models and 6 models in the unique village-y Shelmore.
Oh yeah, and then we went back to the Wellness Center and had lunch!
If you'd like to see either of these fine Leland new home communities, or other communities in Leland or Wilmington, I'd be honored to assist you.