Being Bruce -: Being At the Beach

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being At the Beach

If you've ever lived near a beach, in a coastal area, or even within a couple hour drive of the ocean, there's a strong draw to the big water that's hard if not impossible to sever. I'm obviously highly biased in favor of living in the Wilmington, NC area and as a REALTOR(tm) I'm invested in helping others move here, too, so there's my disclaimer.

However, while I can recite a long and very real list of great reasons to move to Wilmington, NC, which I won't recount here, clearly the greatest and strongest attraction is the beach. Yeah, we're a resort/vacation area but so are a lot of other places but people don't want to move to live there full time.

I believe that many of the other reasons people make the decision to move to the Cape Fear region are rational (jobs, health care, the arts, restaurants, business opportunities, growth, etc), but those are all justifications. The core reason to live in our area is the beach, and I believe that's a decision one makes with one's heart.

So if you live here and would never consider leaving or if you're thinking about moving to the Wilmington, NC area, don't kid yourself. The primary draw is the beach. And I think that's a good thing.