Being Bruce -: WOW - Asset Storage Business After Hours Breaks Records

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WOW - Asset Storage Business After Hours Breaks Records

[Note - this is one of those long, indulgent photo-loaded blog posts. Feel free to skip it if you're not on my blog to check out local events and people. It does demonstrate, however, that Leland business people will turn out for a good time, even when it turns chilly, and especially during the week when there's live music, free beer and wine, a pig pickin', and a lot of their friends in attendance. ]

OK, yesterday Asset Storage of Blackwell Road hosted the April Business After Hours for the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce. We've seen some pretty good BAH's in the past year or so, but this one raised the bar, took the cake (well, Moon Pies anyway), and easily had the best turnout. 200+ people RSVP's to the event and no one was actually counting, but I'd say it's fair to estimate about 150 or so folks were there.

The first arrivals saw the band setup in one corner. Looked promising.

Host Dan Cameron prepares a fire to help warm the crowd (it started off pretty chilly).

The early arrivals were, of course, clustered around the bar.

Manager Carolyn Pirnat helped host the event and took a lot of photos (she was one of many camera toting folk). NBCC Ambassadors Jamie Shoemaker and Monica Clark (center) helped sign guests in.

When the excllent Tom Rhodes Band started playing, the party tempo immediately picked up.

[Note - there's no way I know or got everyone's name, so apologies in advance for that ] Below NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo regales friends and fans.

George Murray, ever dapper and looking cool in shades, chats with NBCC Prez Peggy O'Leary.

Peggy who? PEGGY O'LEARY! What a great smile!

We had two sign in tables. In the background you can see where the pickin' pig cooked.

Arriving photographer Wendy Hunt of The North Brunswick Magazine arrived pretty early as well.

Brian Hartzell brought his great smile (and his cell phone).

At time in the early hours (yes, it did go on, there was a line up at the sign in table).

Sean Skutnik came with cell phone as well, and stayed near the fire to take a call.

North Brunswick Magazine wasn't really a sponsor, but they hung their neat banner, I think so owner Justin Williams could argue that the cover model who looks like his wife doesn't really look like his wife. Of course he's wrong, but hey . . . this is a great country, he has a right to be wrong.

The Tom Rhodes Band kept getting better and they started off awesome. They played a wide range of music from metal to calypso and everything in between. You oughta hire them for your next event (and invite the NBCC, we'll come!).

Tony Vlach strikes a pose while standing with George Murray and Steven and Connie Reeves.

Frank Williams has a great smile!.
Justin Williams (the guy whose wife doesn't look like the cover model on NBM magazine) and Dana Fisher tried to keep people from the bar - it didn't work (you can can Gina Shiess and others snuck behind them.

Ken Schiess, the lovely Marge Brown, and Gina Schiess clearly had a good time.

When host Dan Cameron took the mic to welcome everyone, at first he didn't know what to say, so he thought about it . . .

And then he broke out into song! The sun shone down while Dan serenaded us (and then it went behind clouds again).

There's Asset Storage Manager Carolyn Prinat with her camera again. Co-owner Donna Cameron is clapping behind her.

Nancy Nipper came laughing and stayed that way.

NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo and President Peggy O'Leary welcomed the crowd. They, too, were clearly having fun. As you can clearly see, business is FUN in Leland.

Jeff Harvell wearing his LA (Land of Abundance) hat while waiting in line for food.

The line stretched pretty far, but people never stopped talking, so the time passed quickly.

Michael Byrd and Peggy O'Leary. This guy was born with a tie on.

Plenty of tables, plenty of food, and plenty of eating.

This is what the pig cooker looks like when people are "pig pickin' ". Hunter Gillmore, who in real life is a Regional VP with Sun Trust was the cook. Big props to Hunter - the food was amazing. The Lovely Marge Brown said it was the best we've had since we moved here 6 years ago!

There wasn't just pig from the cooker to eat. There were tables of lots of other great eats.

And some folks stood by the far. Note the stored assets behind this crew - typical of the stuff folks store on the lot.

Jamie from Murray Art and Frame, Jeff Harvel, and Justin Williams.

Steve Reeves wore his Steelers hat. Guess what he wears in December?

Inside, the Asset Storage folks manned the counter because they were open for business.

And some lucky folks ate inside. They were warm, I guess, but the action was outside.

Frank Willams, Sheila Hanby, and Sheila's niece Hailey.

Here's a better shot of Hailey.

Board members Peggy O'Leary, Tony Vlach, Gil Chromshaw, and Victor Pearsall.

Tony Vlach and Marge Brown

As you can tell, Sheila has a lot of respect for hard-working photographers.

Jeff Harvell laughed with Jim and Brenda Bozeman and their daughter Micki.

Jeff and Jim.

Jane Powell and Ryan Madanick and friends.

Co-owners Dennis and Anne Sorhagen and Meagan Hobbs, who also tended bar.

Sheila, Hailey, and Peggy danced and laughed to "The Banana Boat Song".

Jane and Ryan.
In the end people didn't want to leave. They handed out Moon Pies as we left. Some folks may still be there.Thanks, folks, it was a great time. Can we come back tonight?