Being Bruce -: Along the Road to Personal Fitness

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Along the Road to Personal Fitness

We learned last week there's a new version of P90X coming, P90X3. It'll be out sometime in December. So we're already planning a HUGE P90X3 group to start in January. But in the meantime, having just finished a 10 week round of Focus T25, I'm beginning a 90 day personal challenge with P90X, finishing sometime in mid December so I'll have a couple of rest weeks conveniently around the holidays.

This year has been interesting for me. I started off strong, feeling great, at my high school weight, and eating healthier than ever in my life (sorry, Mom, but it's true). Then in the first week of February a long-babied shoulder injury got me and much of my spring and early summer was sidetracked workout-wise recovering from biceps and shoulder surgery.

In early September I got the go-ahead to start cautiously resuming full out workouts, so as we finished up T25 (which I was doing modified most of the time), I was excited to get back to traditional P90X (still my fav and def worth the hour a day average it takes to do it right).

So now I'm a bit over what I've decided is my ideal weight (135-138, just like in high school) and have a ways to go to get back to full strength. I'm rededicating myself for the rest of this year to really go for it so I can indeed finish 2013 in the best shape of my life. If anyone feels compelled to join my on this journey, wherever you are on your own path, give me a shout, I'll be glad to have the company.