Being Bruce -: Jay Vics Scores! Wilmington Entrepreneur Finds a Need and Fills It!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jay Vics Scores! Wilmington Entrepreneur Finds a Need and Fills It!

In the tradition of entrepreneurs everywhere, Wilmington local Cellular Sales rep Jay Vics rose to the occasion when he saw a need. Jay saw lots of people coming in to phone stores complaining about common concerns with smart phones, many of which had simple solutions.

Jay's simple answer (which means other people will say, "Dang, why didn't I think of that?") was to set up a Meetup Group that would directly address the concerns common to smart phone users. Called the Wilmington Smart Phones, Smart Users Group, the group had its first Meetup tonight at Mike and Julie Czyl's Old Chicago Pizza in Wilmington, NC. Mike agreed to host the meeting for Jay to help kick off the group (thanks, Mike, the pizza rocked!).

Early arrivals were Judy Budd, Devin Vics (Jay's wife), Stuart Ward, and Ann and Ezell Willard.

Tina, Marge Brown, and Justin filled another table.

Here's the group in action - with Justin answering questions from the group after going over some common problems on Blackberrys and Droids.

Our waitstaff person was Kelly Landen, who was friendly and helpful.

During his introduction Jay made an offer: if anyone asked a question he couldn't answer he give them a gift certificate to Old Chicago Pizza AND later find the right answer. I just happened to have my camera running at the time, so here's the evidence of his rash offer.

Actually, I don't think anyone had a question Jay couldn't answer.

Next meeting is next month, same place. Check the groups web page for more info: