Being Bruce -: New Teeth Docs in town - DentalWorks in Leland!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Teeth Docs in town - DentalWorks in Leland!

Went  to a grand opening wine and cheese event at the new DentalWorks office in Leland yesterday. This is right at the site of our huge Leland Under the Lights car show last September, in front of Waterford. It was a warmish (!) day, so we didn't hang outside much, but do note the balloons - when you see them again this blog post is over.

Inside North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Justin Williams, Frank Williams, and Mike Leggett.

Hygenist Ashley  Metz (back to my camera) was showing Connie Reeves the technology they use to demonstrate what they can do with someone's smile. Connie of course already has a great smile.

NBCC board members Drew Roper (l) and Jeff Harvell (r) with DentalWorks partner, Dr. James Smith in the middle. Dr. Smith doesn't currently practice at this location but will be joining this office in a year or so.

Lots of large photos of young, happy-looking, beautiful women with great teeth on the walls.  If Oscar Wilde were writing this blog he'd  guess that somewhere in a closet they have a stack of small photos of old, grumpy-looking, ugly men with no teeth, but since he's not writing it (he passed on a while ago), I'm happy to say I'd rather see the photos that are on display anyway. They work for me!

Managing the crucial wine-dispensing station were Rhonda Wilson and Norma Davis.

We assembled outside on the side lawn (in the shade) for a line up. From left to right: Bruce Brown, NBCC President-Elect; Dr. James Smith, DentalWorks partner; Rachel Metz, Hygenist; Ashley Long, Dental Assistant; Rhonda Wilson, Patient Relations (I don't think they dispense wine during normal business hours); Tamara Hutchins-Clark, Dental Assistant; Virginia Fulghum, Office Manager; Dr. Joseph Curley, Dentist; and Dana Fisher, NBCC Executive Director. Dr. Curley is the only dentist currently practicing the new Leland location, along with oral surgeon Dr Simoncic, not in this photo.

Mike Leggett wears several hats including photographer for the Local News Review.

NBCC board member Brenda Bozeman and East Carolina Bank's Brian Hartzell.

DentalWorks Office Manager Virginia Fulghum and Sandra Love with First Uniform.

ECB's Susan Cruse, BB&T's Drew Roper, Dana Fisher (back to camera), and Nancy Hall Publications Jeff Harvell.

That would be me with North Brunswick Magazine photographer Wendy Hunt.

A shot from the back of the facility. I never did get a count of the rooms with dental chairs (nor did I ask), but I'd guess there must be at least a dozen room set up and ready to go with half a dozen more available, not to mention labs and work rooms and so forth. This is a big operation.

After a while part of the crew settled around the appetizer table. Here you can see (not counting the two women in the foreground) from left to right: Jeff Harvell, photographer Bob Baer, Sandra Love, Nationwide Insurance and NBCC board member Tony Vlach, Brenda Bozeman, and Connie and Scott Reeves.

This is the last shot. Scott Reeves said, "Why don't you go out and take one of your artistic shots of the balloons?" So I did. I always wanted to be in a balloon, how about you?

Welcome to Leland, all y'all at DentalWorks, we're glad to have you here! (And it's fine to keep those photo of grumpy old men in a stack in the closet, if you have them.)