Being Bruce -: What is up with this "Freight Train" nonsense?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What is up with this "Freight Train" nonsense?

OK, so here's the deal. I put the nickname "Freight Train" in my e-mail signature in early January. Why?

On January 1st during the early shift (which for me is 4-6AM EST) someone, I think perhaps my Twitter friend and Internet Marketing Trainer and Business Coach Victoria Player (twittername: @victoriaplayer, website:, asked the question: "How are you feeling right now about the start of the new year?"

My reply was immediate. I wrote (or more accurately, I Tweeted), "I feel like a freight train of energy is pushing through me I'm so excited about 2009!" And that was that.

The following week at our Wednesday morning BNI meeting we met for the first time in 2009 and we each talked about our plans for the year. It struck me to say, "This year I'm going to use the nickname 'Freight Train' because of the massive amount of energy I feel about this year." And everyone laughed and said it fit and the meeting was soon over. And I thought that was that.

But, later that day a guy who had been a guest at our BNI meeting, the very likeable Brian Matkze from Logos Direct (which is an awesome company, BTW) called me about something and addressed me on the phone as "Freight Train." Shortly after that I got an e-mail from our group's Chiropractor Dr. Matt Bradshaw, and he started the e-mail with "Hey Freight Train, . . ". Later on I was talking with someone else from our group, I think it was Brad Hodges from Equity Services, or maybe Bernadette Hayes of N2 Publishing, and one of them suggested I add "Freight Train" to my e-mail signature. So I did. And I thought yet again that was that.

Except now I get questions quite often from people I've known for a long time (even my sister asked) as well as folks I've yet met, about what the deal is with "Freight Train." When our office had a transition luncheon for me, they gave me a toy engine with the words "Freight Train" on it.

So, I guess it stuck. So far most people I've met think it makes sense. What do you think? Anyway, that's the deal with the use of "Freight Train" in my e-mail signature.