Being Bruce -: Just say "GAR"!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just say "GAR"!

Gratitude. Attitude. Readiness.

I believe we are each of us extraordinary people. We can choose to live extraordinary lives.

There are no barriers, but living an extraordinary life requires conscious choice.

An extraordinary life requires seven elements:

1. Knowing your life purpose
2. Gratitude
3. Attitude
4. Readiness
5. Goal
6. Decision
7. Action

Simple, isn't it?

The sticking point, of course, is #1. You may not know your true life's purpose. Well, that's OK. If you seek to know your life purpose you will find it, but it may not come easily or quickly.

What you can do, right now, is just say "GAR".

If you're not sure of your life purpose and therefore maybe a bit confused about goals, focus on elements 2 through 4.

Start with Gratitude - Often referred to as the mother of all emotions - be grateful for everything. Everything is a gift and/or a lesson.

Add positive Attitude - There's really only one rational conscious choice here - all else leads to decline and decay. Don't go there; choose a positive attitude.

Be in a constant state of Readiness - You may not know what the world will bring and it's tougher to bring it to yourself if you're not clear on your personal purpose. If you're "ready" you'll be prepared to act on opportunity when it shows up - and opportunities will appear, if you're ready.