Being Bruce -: Dogs and Kids - The Essence of "Being"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dogs and Kids - The Essence of "Being"

With a whole universe to be grateful for and appreciate, some specific beings and times are special. What's better than time spent with kids and puppies? Certainly at the top of my list. This morning I had the chance to hang out for a little while with our friend Ann's two sons Garrett and Ryan and their new English Bulldog puppies, Sophie and Winston.

That's Garrett and Sophie in the photo below:

Sophie and Winston almost never stopped moving while I was trying to take their photos, pretty much like Ryan and Garrett.

After a while a neighbor came by, Aimee, and she had a magical touch it seemed, she was able to get everyone together and unsquirmy, at least for a few seconds.

Sophie (on the left) and Winston (right) will be wider when they reach their adult size, but apparently not too much taller.

Sophie appears to be a bit more contemplative than Winston, but she may grow out of it.

So thanks Ryan, Aimee, Winston, Sophie, and Garrett - I had a great time with you guys. And thanks to you, too, Ann for the opportunity.