Being Bruce -: Appreciation and Farewell Party for Rhonda Norris

Monday, February 9, 2009

Appreciation and Farewell Party for Rhonda Norris

On Friday afternoon the Board of Directors of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce held an appreciation and farewell get together at the NBCC offices for Rhonda Norris, our Executive Director, who is relocating to Mississippi with her husband Greg, where Greg has been promoted to a position at his company's headquarters.

Rhonda and Greg were likely not terribly surprised, but they sure seemed pleased by the party.

Two local powers-that-be, Scott Reeves (aka "Santa") and Jeff Harvell (aka "Jeff") helped make sure the chairs stayed on the floor.

Phyllis Murray, with husband George (barely visible in the upper left corner).

Connie Reeves (who organized the party and prepared much of the food), Rhonda, and Peggy O'Leary, NBCC President.

They said, "Let the eat cake." And we surely did. It was good, too.

Peggy presented Rhonda with flowers.

Attorney Randy Rhodes reported for duty.
One of these three is a banker who had to leave shortly to close up at 6PM. Can you guess which one? (Hint: his name ryhmes with Victor Pearsall).

When Dana Fisher and Charlie Riverbark arrived we knew the party was just beginning!

George and Phyllis Murray presented Rhonda with this beautiful piece of framed art, a piece she had admired since moving to town.

Dr. Sheila Hansby, a beloved local vet, worked hard on a chicken.

A reporter from the State Port Pilot interviewed Jeff while Rhonda listened in.

George Patterson had plenty of stories to tell to a mostly appreciative audience.

Although Connie Reeves didn't buy some of George's tales.

Albert Sikes had as much or more fun than Rhonda while she opened her gifts.

So the file name of the first photo on this blog is "prettyrhonda". This one is "sillyrhonda."

It was a fine, special time. Rhonda, thanks for all your work helping the Chamber make some big steps in our time of growth. We miss you but know you're not gone forever. So hurry back.