Being Bruce -: Holiday Bazaar at Blue Moon Gallery

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holiday Bazaar at Blue Moon Gallery

We've been looking forward to a trip to the Blue Moon Gallery and Gift Shops in Wilmington so this weekend's Holiday Bazaar was a great time to go. Before we arrived we had to run some errands around town and then decided to explore a different way to get from our last errand to the gallery. Well, as luck had it, we passed right by a Krispy Kreme store with a 24-hour drive through window.

Actually, we didn't exactly drive by, because when we were halfway through the intersection where we had to execute a tricky right-handed double slide U-turn, I just happened to notice there was no line at the drive through window. Being a child of the moment, and wanting to respond to clear signals from the universe, I hooked another U-ie and while Marge held her breath, got into the parking lot and up to the order box. All we really wanted, and ordered was a single large cup of black coffee to share and a couple of glazed donuts, but it seemed silly to only order two, so I ordered a half-dozen, and then, well wouldn't ya know, the order box lady said, "For only $1.55 more you can make that a whole dozen, Hon." So I did

The coffee was hot and so were the donuts. I explained to Marge that one Krispy Kreme is really like half a regular donut because they make 'em so light, but after I had four (count that as really only two regular donuts), Marge put the box on the back seat. (Which, as you can imagine, made it much tougher to reach back to snag another one or two while keeping one hand on the wheel and two eyes on the road. But I managed.)

Eventually we did make it to Blue Moon Gallery, which is what this is really all about, and once my lips stopped twitching from the sudden sugar assault, we went in. Marge didn't feel like it was picture day for her so there's me below, heading into the gallery.

If you've not been to the Blue Moon, you're missing out. There is a legit art gallery, but the gift shops with little booths and displays for artists, craftspeople, and a few other copacetic businesses is the big draw for Marge and I. The displays change regularly and the folks who work at the gallery are always very nice.

We wandered around a bit just soaking in all the art and culture (see Marge below in an unwitting shot - "Sorry, Meg.")

One of the non-art or craft permanent displays is the Old Wilmington Tea Co. and today the owners were on hand to dispense samples of their teas and scones made with their tea-based recipes.

The festive Old Wilmington Tea Company's booth is a popular stop just inside the gallery entrance. Check out their website at or call the company at 800-404-5124.
We also saw our friend Jeanette Borton who has a permanent display inside the gallery but was set up and working on an adjacent patio. Jeanette makes very high quality baskets using pine needles. Often the baskets incorporate other materials like shells, agates, or stone. If you are interested in more info about her work, you can reach Jeanette at 910-790-5342 or

Gary Longardo, who we don't know, works in several media - my fav is the metal two-level desk with chain legs below.

Artists with permanent booths at Blue Moon include Ivey Hayes

and William Hubbard.

One of the most stunning displays is the booth for Simply Must Have!, specialty gifts and home decor. Captivating things in that booth. E-mail

On the way out I also noticed a small wall display with handmade soy candles which were very attractive.

We had a nice time, saw some friends, looked at a lot of cool art, and even bought a few Christmas presents. Win-win-win.

And there are still 4 Krispy Kremes left, for now.