Being Bruce -: New Rules and Limits for BeingBruceBrown

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Rules and Limits for BeingBruceBrown

I must 'fess up to some feedback I've received. Fewer than 100 people have asked about this topic, but because it has come up, I feel I should address it.

The core question is, "What is the focus of this blog?" Someone wrote, "OK, so now you're blogging recipes. You write about real estate trends, newborn babies, art, restaurants, dogs, cars, bands, new home communities, the list goes on and on. Don't you think it would be better to set some limits?"

OK, so (don't you hate it when someone starts a sentence with "OK, so . . .") I realize I've let this blog follow a few different directions and topics. Seems to me life's like that, and I'm just in temporary possession of a corporeal shell . . . but there I go again.

So I have some limits. Or rather, I've decided to have some limits. I don't want to go overboard, so I'm going to start small. First I will not write about crabapples. It's pretty easy for me not to write about crabapples because I try to always write about positive subjects, and the one food item I will not knowingly eat is crabapple. I've eaten sea slug, though not with much relish (because in my experience they taste like melted eraser), and I'd probably eat sea slug again - this time I'll ask for more relish. But I will not eat crabapple. So I won't write about it either. Ever again.

The other limit is I won't write about those little fish that when they swarm or run or whatever make the water look like it's raining but it really isn't because what it really is is thousands of fish swimming in synch. It's actually pretty cool looking and sounds even cooler, but I won't write about them because I can never remember what they're called. So no more. And if I remember what they're called I'll pretend I didn't. Promise.

That's it, Bob. (Bob is my nickname for a being who commented on my have no discernible blog limits.) No c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and no little f _ _ _ that sound like rain.

I feel more focused and efficient already.

Can we talk about dancing?