Being Bruce -: Pepper at the Dog Park, 2nd Visit - Oh-oh, there are rules!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pepper at the Dog Park, 2nd Visit - Oh-oh, there are rules!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To work up an appetite Pepper and I went for a nice long walk in Brunswick Forest around midday today. Our final destination was the Dog Park we visited two days ago. This time there were three other dogs and a whole passle of humans in the park. The other dogs were puppies and together they probably added up to about half Pepper's weight. They ran around a lot and she spent most of her time smelling and digging around one of the planted hardwoods in the park. We had a nice time, though at first Pepper was a bit concerned. Because, lo and behold, there are now rules. And it's a bit frustrating for Pepper because she actually never learned to read. She tries, as you can see below,

but after a while looked at me and gave me one of those looks that basically says, "OK, let's just go in and I'll fake it the best I can. You be my winghuman and I won't bark real loud or knock any kids over."

And that's what we did. We went into the park and she smelled stuff and dug in the pine chips and shavings a bit and I chatted with the humans. Pepper never barked or knocked over any kids. Actually, she does bark at home when someone comes to the door but otherwise is pretty quiet - and the only time she ever knocked a child down was when grandson Seamus ran into and bounced off her onto the floor, which hardly should count. Well, she did hip check a lady on the beach in Edgartown once, but she was only a puppy still getting used to her rapid growth. Anyway, we had fun in the park.

On the walk home we noticed the bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson (we live in a section of Brunswick Forest known as Jefferson Landing) was wearing a Pilgrim hat, so that called for the photo below.

All in all it was a fun, tiring walk. We're now both ready for naps, in fact as I look on the floor beside my chair, I notice that Pepper didn't wait, she's fast asleep.

Hope you all have (or had) a marvelous Thanksgiving.