Being Bruce -: Ribbon Cutting at Charlie Macgrooders

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ribbon Cutting at Charlie Macgrooders

Charlie Macgrooders restaurant at 117 Village Road in Leland, NC has been open for several months, but decided to hold off on the ribbon cutting till this month. Quite possibly because many of us already know how good Macgrooders food is, the ribbon-cutting was well attended by North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce members. In the photo below owner Karen Walsh, flanked by her co-owner husband Dennis and daughter Kerry, gets ready to cut the ribbon.
Directly after the ribbon was cut the restaurant filled fast.

A scrumptious selection of appetizer-sized portions were available - the prime rib with fire-roasted pepper on parmesan bread was my favorite.

Tony Vlach of Nationwide dug in as well.

Chamber Ambassador Jim Costanza was on hand taking the official chamber photos.

Board members Brenda Bozeman and Connie Reeves were on hand for the festivities.

Volunteer Bob Odom and Denise Kinney of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty shared a laugh.

Ribbon cuttings are a great time for members to network.

And to discuss weighty matters relating to golf.

Dennis Walsh kept circulating to be sure everyone had a good time.

Karen Walsh, daughter Kerry, and son Frank had a prime table.

Oh yeah, and the ribbon WAS cut!!