Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Leverage Your Moves

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Leverage Your Moves

 Leverage Your Moves

One of the definitions of the word leverage is “the power to accomplish something.” If you want to get the most leverage or power to achieve your results from your fitness routine, be sure to always include a few minutes to warm up, stretch, and cool down. Not only will you minimize your chance of injury and/or muscle and joint pain, but you’ll maximize your enjoyment, increase your overall flexibility and get more benefits each time you work out.

Don’t pick up weights or move into power moves until you warm up your muscles. Your warm up may consist of walking in place, circling your arms, touching your toes, or swiveling side to side from your waist.

Stretching can be beneficial both before and after your workout. Stretch all parts of your body, especially your neck. Most people carry a lot of tension in their neck and don’t take the time to relieve that tension through proper stretching.

An effective cool down may include a yoga segment and a relaxation segment. One of Marge’s favorite cool down segments is to turn off the lights and play spa music to completely relax after a workout. You might even take a power nap with this technique. Try it!

Leverage is a powerful concept to apply to many areas of your life, but especially to your daily work outs. Get more powerful results from each and every move by always including warm up, stretch, and cool down phases.


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