Being Bruce -: World Hunger Solution Designs at Full Belly Project

Friday, October 1, 2010

World Hunger Solution Designs at Full Belly Project

I stopped by the Wilmington, NC world headquarters of The Full Belly Project today to meet the Executive Director Daniel Ling and to see some of their income-generating devices designs for agricultural world communities.

That's Daniel in the photo below.

Here's Daniel again, with the Full Belly Nut Sheller, which I guess you'd call their signature machine.

Pictured below is a foot-powered Nut Sheller and behind that is an electricity-powered version.

Daniel showed me a few other devices, including this foot-powered corn grinder.

Here's another shot of the corn grinder.

This one is a bit different, it's a low water consumption hand washing station.

As you may remember (from yesterday's blog post), the Full Belly Nut Sheller used by one of the BBC World Challenge 10 finalists. That project is in Malawi and is called "In a Nutshell".

Votes for the Malawi In a Nutshell project would be appreciated on the link below: