Being Bruce -: How to Have a DaVinci Day

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to Have a DaVinci Day

Today I wish you a DaVinci Day!

I'll start by saying I'm already having a fabulous day and I wish the same for you.

Earlier this morning I posted the following: "It's easy to be bursting with good intentions. Today I'll do my best to fulfill them with equally good actions." - Being Bruce

I was inspired to write that during a brief morning meditation session, which is how I find most of my sayings.

After attending to some correspondence I decided to listen to one of Brian Johnson's Philosopher's Notes from I have Brian's collection of abstracts and commentaries on 100 written works of importance in both written and recorded versions and I like to listen to one or a few each day (they're only about 20 minutes long each, so it's a convenient break).

Here's Brian:

The recording I chose today (for the second or third time I've heard this one) was Brian's Philosopher's Note on Michael Gelb's How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci. Leonardo DaVinci, of course remains the poster boy of creativity and productivity.

Actually, for a short diversion, here's his poster (actually his work, Vitruvian Man, which was a study in physical ratios and proportions for artists).

As I was listening to Brian's summary and thoughts on Michael Gelb's work, I thought of my friend Lisa Rothstein (aka @DaVinciDiva on Twitter). Lisa and her colleague Liisa Kyle are the creativity coaches behind web site The DaVinci Dilemma, Solutions for Multi-Talented People (

Here's Lisa with a link to her personal website (click her name) Lisa Rothstein .

And here's Liisa with a corresponding link to her personal site: Liisa Kyle, Ph.D

As I pondered the whole DaVinci concept a bit more and listened to Brian's recording, I realized that my morning post was (sorta) in a similar vein: the concept of being inspired and having great intentions AND taking action on them.

So, therefore my wish to you:

Have a DaVinci Day! Be inspired, generate strong intentions, and take action!