Being Bruce -: Kicking Butt - Personal Development Requires Change

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kicking Butt - Personal Development Requires Change

Who ever said personal development is easy?

Sure, it can be fun to go to a weekend workshop and learn some helpful stuff about yourself and maybe pick up some useful techniques and tools to improve some aspect of your life. Personal development workshops can be so much fun that some people go just for the good feelings.

If you want to actually develop, however, that requires doing stuff and usually it means doing stuff differently than you've been doing it before.

So you know what that means... Change!

Yeah, change. Change is difficult for many people, and even scary for some.

But hey, that's why the people at the top are at the top... they're willing to do more, to sacrifice more, and if necessary, change what must be changed in order to get where they are.

I've started making a series of pretty informal videos on various components of the inner workings of personal development. These videos don't address tricks, techniques, tools, or strategies for personal development. Rather, they're about attitude and willingness and real readiness for change and growth.

I'm calling them Kick Butt videos because, yeah, they kinda kick butt. I don't think they're harsh or rude, but rather they do point out some vital aspects of personal development that I know you need if you're really going to develop, to make changes that will help you live an extraordinary life. And you want that, right?

The three videos below address separate topics:
  • Playing full out.
  • Losing your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Getting started NOW.
If you don't incorporate all three in your personal development strategy, your chances of making significant change are pretty slim.

So here are the videos. As you'll see, each is short and the message for each one is pretty simple. But they're important and I wish you all the best in incorporating them in your life plan.

Play Full Out

Lose Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Start NOW

So I hope you enjoyed my little videos. I'd love to hear any comments you have about them.

Also, if you think you'd like to work with a personal and business development coach who will be objective and tough with you while still holding you in the highest regard, shoot me an email at or call me at 910-297-8753. I'd love to talk with you about your plans for an extraordinary life of your own!