Being Bruce -: My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 13 - Our Tenth Practice

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 13 - Our Tenth Practice

Our practices continue as Kimberly Boggs and I get ready for the Dancing with the Brunswick Stars fundraising competition for Brunswick Community College on August 6th.

This shot was taken by Melissa Everitt, from the BCC Foundation office, who came to shoot a promo video for the college.

At yesterday's practice we captured this quick video at the end of our 'real' practice. It should be apparent to anyone who's following this series on my blog that  the videos we put up are NOT what we're actually doing in competition. So rest assured I won't be shaking it in a hula in August. We do have fun with these quick videos, however.

We had another video shot on Friday when Melissa Everitt of the Brunswick Community College Foundation came to our practice to capture some footage of us welcoming people to the competition (it will be shown that night). Melissa also got about 15 seconds of us practicing our 'real' routine. (At least that's what we told her.) In the photo below are Melissa Everitt with Kim Boggs.

In this short take video I comment on our workouts and practice and on Kim's moving parts during the hula.(Don't worry, it's safe for work.)

After Melissa shot the promo video I got to pose with her as well.

Kim invites all of you to Hawaii!

Next week we'll start practicing at a new location. So far we've had all our practices in one of the exercise studio rooms at the Dinah E. Gore Aquatics and Fitness Center on the campus of Brunswick Community College. Starting next week, however, we're taking it to a 'secret' location off campus so we can start to practice full-out. Even though I've never shown any of our steps or parts of our routine in these blog posts, we have finalized our choreography and are now ready to go full-tilt (I think we'll even start to wear our 'costumes' in a week or two).

Of course I'll take still shots and capture videos at each practice session for this blog, but Kim (who is clearly in charge, right Kim?)insists that no footage of our real routine goes out, so we'll have to come up with other dances to capture. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I was thinking one of those 1930s style synchronized swimming routines would be fun but Kim told me our new 'secret' practice studio doesn't have a pool).

And in case you haven't heard about it before, Dancing with the Brunswick Stars is a serious, big deal fund raiser for Brunswick Community College. This year will be the third and final year of this event. Last year they raised more than $330,000 in scholarship money for students at BCC, so you can see this is a pretty big event. The actual event will be held August 6th, but you can go to the website today to vote, buy tickets, or even become a sponsor for the event.

Check out this website with photos of Stars and Pros for Dancing with the Brunswick Stars.

Brown - out!