Being Bruce -: Membership Appreciation Night at TrySports

Friday, July 9, 2010

Membership Appreciation Night at TrySports

If you through Mayfaire Town Center  in Wilmington, NC last evening you may have noticed an unusual number of physically fit, happy people. The TrySports store in Wilmington held a Membership Appreciation Night for their Triple Rewards Club members and the turnout was strong during the two-hour event.

There was no formal agenda, though free food and drink were plentiful and there were several drawings for attendees as well as healthy discounts on apparel and equipment. At the register below TrySports Marketing Manager Frances Atkins helps one of the Triple Rewards Club members.

I was there to talk about my Sports Performance Mental Edge Training workshops and coaching. Also in attendance were Michael Downey (left) and Dr. Kathleen White (in the white top) from Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Wellness Clinic.

Massage therapist and health and fitness specialist Julie Blackburn was also on hand. A steady stream of attendees got complimentary massages and consultation during the event.

The parts and maintenance shop was open for questions and assistance.

Overall it was a well-attended good time for the club members and for the TrySports staff.

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