Being Bruce -: Grayson Park Business After Hours for the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grayson Park Business After Hours for the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

It's been a few weeks (a month really) since the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had a Business After Hours, so yesterday, despite heavy local rain and traffic-bedeviled bridges from Wilmington, NC, we had a successful event hosted by Grayson Park, a Steven Fine Homes community in Leland, NC.

When we arrived the appetizers were laid out and we dug in, awaiting the heavier stuff that was stuck in traffic (for two hours!).

NBCC board member and publisher of NBM and SBM magazines Justin Williams.

Our host was Grayson Park's Dennis Nipini (left), here talking with Connie Reeves and Mr. and Ms. Roy Lettiri.

Linda Cheers, Account Exec with The Brunswick Beacon with Shelton Herb Farm's Margaret Shelton.

Facing the camera are Cape Fear Merchant Services James Shoemaker and Frank Williams of Pioneer Strategies - both are NBCC board members.

NBCC board member Ken Schiess of HDVest with NBCC stalwarts Scott and Connie Reeves of Azalea Plaza.

NBCC Executive Director Dana Fisher with her fiance, Charlie Rivenbark - Charlie's with Maus, Marwick, Matthews commercial REALTORs and a member of the Wilmington City Council.

James Bozeman on the left with Mike Leggett, NBCC board member and photographer and writer for The Local News Review.

Charlie Rivenbark talking with rained upon NBCC board member Franklin Rouse of State Farm Insurance.

Karen Chevrotee of Wilmington South Realty.

NBCC Ambassador Dave Seaton of Pestco with Chad Gilliam from SeaWatch.

Helping themselves at the buffet table are Sweet Nectar Florist's Jerry Rivenbark and Steven Kennedy. This company is  a generous support to the NBCC and the North Brunswick Community - thanks, guys.

Marge Brown of Quantum Results Coaching (yay, Marge!) with Gina Schiess.

So I had to get these guys to smile for the camera. Joe Gaughan (left), an account exec with WECT6 television and Michael Triggiano, General Manager of the Mailbox Express in Leland, and I were having (what I thought anyway was) an hilarious discussion. And  then when I pulled out the camera, they posed.

So naturally I hollered something inane and got them to smile. A whole lot better, don't you think? (Thanks guys, you're both good sports about this.)

One last photo before Marge and I left of Dennis Nipini with Nancy Hall Associate Publisher Jeff Harvell, talking with Linda and Bob Baer.

Thanks to Craig Stevens of Stevens Fine Homes for hosting this event which was successful and a lot of fun despite the heavy rains and traffic.