Being Bruce -: John Formica, the "Ex-Disney Guy" Brings Business Magic to Brunswick County

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Formica, the "Ex-Disney Guy" Brings Business Magic to Brunswick County

Yesterday my new friend John Formica wowed the crowd at Brunswick Community College's Making Business Magical seminar sponsored by the Small Business Center. This free seminar, including breakfast, didn't have an empty seat or a frowning face in the room.

I'd heard that John, better known as "the Ex-Disney Guy" gave good seminar and now I know it for sure. I won't even attempt to summarize his message, in part because it's impossible without John's essence and energy. The room got it, though, from the secret meaning of "DREAM" to the wonder of working in a place where managers and employees all buy into the true purpose and use that understanding to create a great experience for customers and clients.

John meeting people before the seminar.

Among the enthusiastic attendees were Misty Doan and Ann Parvin of Plantation Builders in Southport, NC.

The Small Business Center's seminars, counseling and coaching are all offered for free and are a great county resource.

Want to know more? Call (910) 755-7380.

Or, click on this link to go to the BCC Small Business Center page or this link for a listing of the Spring 2010 free seminars.

Oh, and in case some folks don't quite get it, these seminars and services are for small businesses (startups and existing) and there is no charge. Cool, huh?