Being Bruce -: Even More Ridiculous

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Even More Ridiculous


  1. LOL! I love this one! So, are there laws in your State about talking/texting/video-taping, while you drive?

    Remind me to never ride with you if I ever come down for a visit.

    Love the video Bruce! And, did you make the sale of the house to John?

    Dr. Rus

  2. Thanks, Rus. And no, there are no relevant laws (yet) in our state. I doubt this vid would help. I was trying to figure out who "John" was and then remembered he was the guy I was (not) talking with in the video.

    When you come to visit (there is no "IF") you will for sure ride with me. I promise you'll be comfortable and I'll do my best to keep you safe.

    Once had clients supposed to be here 3 days and came a day late and had to leave a day early but still insisted on seeing a very long list of towns, beaches, neighborhoods, and homes. So we did, and covered 310 miles in 6.5 hours - that might not sound extreme but we were never on a highway and walked on 3 beaches, visited many homes, and had a 45 minute lunch in the time.

    Another time my client reported from the back seat of my (then) Sequoia that his wife had just commented I drove faster in reverse than she did going forward.

    But of course all that is made up.


  3. Multi-tasking? Holy crap, I guess! LOL This was hilarious, Bruce! Loved it.

    The dog is bugging me so I forgot what else I was going to say. LOL

  4. lol.....thanks for the huge smile. I'm not sure how safe that was, but it certainly was entertaining for the rest of us. You rock!

    p.s. thanks for your insight on my last post. :)

  5. Thanks Jinxie and Rachel. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. According to Marge that will be my last in the series . . . I dunno tho', it occurred to me that I could also add drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and putting on nail polish. Oh, wait . . . I forgot . . .I don't smoke and hardly put on nail polish. So maybe that will be it on adding tasks, I believe the point has been made. BTW, it was VERY safe. - Bruce

  6. Bruce, this is fantastic! Looking forward to meeting you when we come down in June.

  7. Aaron, The real question is, "Will you and Lindsay ride with me?" - Bruce