Being Bruce -: What About Christmas Cookies?

Friday, November 30, 2012

What About Christmas Cookies?

Hi, I'm Bruce, and I'm a cookie addict.

As we get close to the annual Christmas and holiday party season, which typically begins December 1st and doesn't end until Boxer Day (the day after Christmas), those of us who are determined to eat healthy and to maintain the progress we've made during the year are faced with a dilemma. Do we allow ourselves to eat and enjoy the Christmas cookies that show up in increasing numbers during the month in homes and offices or do we totally abstain in the interest of health and fitness?

Here's a simple test. If you can honestly expect yourself to eat just one cookie, then it's likely OK (barring medical issues) to have a single cookie. And definitely enjoy it. If, however, this question makes you uncomfortable, or if you absolutely know you cannot eat just one cookie, your choice is clear - in the interest of many levels of health, including physical, mental, and spiritual, you'll likely be better off admiring the view and the scent, but skip the tasting.

It basically comes down to a question of addiction. Surely we know that the simple sugars and fast burning carbs in cookies (and lots of other holiday season treats) physically cause cravings for more immediately or at most within 45 minutes after consumption, but addicts don't even have a choice after that first cookie.

Everyone has to make their own decision on this, and for sure social pressure from family and friends can be tough (just as with other addictions), but the decision to eat or not eat the first cookie is yours and yours alone.

As a confessed cookie addict, I know that I will not allow myself the choice. What used to be a laughing matter years ago (my behavior around cookies), is now an embarrassment, and I'm not going to have any Christmas cookies.

Abstaining from cookies doesn't mean I don't enjoy the holiday, and I won't avoid going to parties and events, in fact I totally love the season of joy, love, peace, and good will to all, but I also know that for my physical health as well as my mental comfort, I'm going to "just say no" to cookies this year.

What will you decide?