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Friday, January 21, 2011

Counseling, Coaching, or Consulting.

Yesterday I explored the difference between counseling and coaching on this blog. Because of some interesting questions and comments, I decided to add another element, consulting, for consideration.

So bring it on, folks, I'd love to hear your reactions to this one.


  1. Linking this Finnish blog post

    We are collaboratively working in social media on a new solution called #microwork #mikroduuni

    T-words in Finnish are:
    -WILL on the bottom
    -GOAL on the top
    -the pyramid contains
    ACTION and

    I see connecting paths to your diagram! The headline in Finnish says: 5 T:s reveal ...the direct translation is 'lack of knowledge', but I would interpret ...where there's undiscovered hunger...

  2. Thanks for sharing. Is it OK if I will use your some words and idea in my website in the future? Thank you for your valuable information. I am a newbie internet blogger. I am always expecting new info soon.

  3. Hi Justin (Counseling Jacksonville, FL), Certainly you may. Best, Bruce