Being Bruce -: We weren't out of control - just crazy in love

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We weren't out of control - just crazy in love

This is the earliest photo I have of Marge and I. This must have been a month or so after we met because I sold the bike to pay for her engagement ring.

That bike was the one we had our first date on, a blind date in late April 1970. We were engaged 13 days later and married on August 29th, 1970.


  1. This is so awesome and thank you for sharing this passion and joy of yours that has been 40 years in the,plus and more better!!! You both are an inspiration!! Happy 40th Anniversary!!

  2. Love the selling the bike to pay for the engagement ring...that is so classically cool!

  3. Nice! Gonna get the bike back now? ;)

  4. Hey Viperrwk (Bob),
    I think not. I'm thinking maybe in a year or two to pick up a Yahama TW200, but I'm in no rush.