Being Bruce -: Financial Crisis = Great Opportunities!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Financial Crisis = Great Opportunities!

The financial markets are in turmoil. That much is pretty clear and until the U.S. federal goverment decides what it will (or won't) do about it, the financial industry is on hold. Many consumers and investors are waiting, too, waiting for the government to decide so the financial folks can react, and then eventually, either immediately or after a while, business can resume at a more normal pace.
But in the mean time . . . . what are the really smart money people doing?
I don't think the savviest investors are sitting around wringing their hands waiting for Big Brother and all the younger Cousins to decide what the financial world is going to be like for them. The smart money is already making moves. Did you notice Warren Buffett invested $5 Billion dollars last week in a financial institution. No one on the planet has reason to think Warren Buffett is anything but probably one of if not the savviest investor alive. So he made a bold move.
How about you? Maybe you don't have $5 Billion to invest, maybe you don't have $5, 000 to put into personal or investment real estate today, but you can take positive action, you can be getting ready to move as soon as possible. This is clearly a time when those who wait will get the crumbs, those who can and do act right now will get the biggest pieces of the cake, and those who get ready to act as soon as they can will still get nice-sized slices. So how about you?